Lou and his two brothers are on a camping trip.

An adventure of crossing a distance.

From Craig Murray:

This Charity Campaign called “Beads of Courage” was produced for the Child Cancer Foundation. Our star is a very brave 8 year old girl named Quinn, and each bead represents a procedure she has had to endure in the past year, she has over 850 !!!!… Needless to say, it was a very humbling experience.



my latest short: “It’s called “Moon”“

hope you’ll like it!


cute elements

Arcadia is the playful utopia of eternal childhood.

Arcadia is a four week project made with the support of the Digital Culture Center in Mexico City. The film is animated traditionally, colored with markers and composited in After Effects.


my long overdue grad film post!!

A young student has to contend with social and gender anxiety on a daily basis, but they aren’t as alone as they think.

Hand-drawn animation in Ink on paper + TVPaint for timing and compositing.

I pulled a lot from my experiences as both a non-binary trans person and as someone with anxiety and depression, so this film is really important to me. I still have a long way to go technique-wise but as long as I can develop and show my ideas to everyone, then I think I can be happy with my work


We just launched a short sci-fi web series called Ozmat, and it would be awesome if we could get some eyes on it! Check out more at


Final film for my degree!

Finished this a couple of days ago and have spent my remaining time getting it all ready for hand in. This project took almost four months, with a bit of time off in the middle to go home to where I live in France. It’s mixture of rotoscoped footage, which I shot and animated my self, and 3D rendered backgrounds, which I made in a rather obscure program called DAZ 3D. 

The film itself is pretty surreal, it’s about a guy who is abducted by an airport. Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, I’m sure!

But if you’ve got three minutes, why not give it a try? 

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